About Myself

Hello there! My name is Jessica Yearout. I am a local photographer in Raymond, WA. A small little town south of Seattle where we enjoy the amazing country life. I am a wife and mother to a rowdy houseful of boys. My husband is my handy sidekick that is my biggest supporter!
I love to capture raw emotion and actions. I believe everyone should have a moment of life frozen in time to look back to “remember when” .
My love of photography started when my oldest was a baby.. so 12 years ago! I had a film camera and to this day those are my favorite images! I took a break with young kids and a few years back dived back in it. It’s my true calling and makes me so happy!
The best moment is when I deliver a gallery and the client loves it and has the biggest smile. It’s just the best feeling! They will have those memories forever!
When I’m not busy working you will find me and my family busy outside. Hikes, day vacations, keeping the kids busy and laughing.

(360) 590-2401